• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland





    Established in New Delhi in June 2012, the Polish Institute for culture is an extension of the Polish diplomatic mission to India. Polish Institutes are present globally in Europe, North America and Asia. their aim is the promotion of  Poland and Polish culture through public events in collaboration with Poland’s local partners and friends.


    The Polish Institute in New Delhi expresses itself through contemporary projects built in cooperation with India’s leading talents and institutions, in order to contribute relevant programming within the cultural sector. Through shared professional exchanges, cultural understanding is nurtured in order to build a strong platform for on-going dialogue and exchange. The Institute works primarily in the disciplines of visual art, design, literature, music, theatre, film, architecture and academic research.


    General Enquiries:

    Office Hours: Mondays – Fridays, 9.00-17.00


    Tomasz Gerlach






    Gauri Sharma

    Literature, Film and Music Programmer



    Aneta Święcicka

    Visual Arts, Design and Theatre Programmer

    EUNIC Coordinator



    Franklin Dayal



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